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In Memoria

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:29 am    Post subject: In Memoria Reply with quote
In a bit of nostalgia I decided to stop back here and see if the site was still around. Now that I have I've found my mind glancing back to the 2010/2011 ROTT rebirth period and thought I would sort of write a "remembrance" about that time.

I like to think of the core members of that time in a family-esque structure.

Per-Scan: My partner in crime and highly optimistic cheerleader of the community. I like to think of him and me as the crazy kids that came in out of the blue and stirred up activity from all the older members. I have to credit alot to him, as he was the first one to try and get this place active again. He also did quite a bit of networking, and tried to keep a positive outlook going for our small group. I have no idea where you went, but I know why and hope the best for you man!

Admin: Closest I would have to say would be the Father, as he was the guy that set this place up and paved the way for all the activity that happened. Closer still, i'd say he was more of the "Holy Grail", as well where all trying to go to the ends of the earth to find him and get him involved. He did show up, but I guess events didn't quite synch up. Sorry for getting your hopes up!

Dopefish: That crazy cousin with madskillz. One of the last of the old guard still observing this place and gave the rest of us alot of support. He tried to come up with creative "non-ROTT" ways to keep us busy, and blew a few of us away with his resource hacking abilitys. Thanks for the modded editor man!

Hammer Oz: hmm, probably the Nephew. He was young and new, can't quite remember where I first invited him from, but he ended up dazzling us with amazingly well constructed action maps. Its way to late, but you ended up winning mapper of the year in my book!

Mike: Ahhh, its hard to forget about mike. I'd have to say he was both the mentor and crazy, half-drunk, pessimistic (Realist?) uncle you can't help but love. He was the resident expert on mapping and gave me and per-scan countless points and tips. I can't help but remember how he would always plug his Mikes Madness levels, as well as the time he registered a domain name for a new site in a half-drunken stupor ahead of time. It all worked out in the end though, and mike even had someone finish his map!

While that was the main group at the time, I can't help but mention jbailey and Birger for all the technical help and editor and sourceport editing,Playerlin for occasionally dropping and seeing what was up, as well as Reaperman finally breaking down and deciding to post here and Stathmk and Schabbs for constantly popping in here in the aftermath and saving this place from tilting into oblivion. Oh! and El Zee for his help in the new forum and his ROTT DOOM TC.

Though I do have a few regrets. The greatest one was the making of the new ROTT forum on the HQ. I was so caught up in polishing up the ROTT community and a bit lost in all the sudden activity that I didn't truly realize that everyone might not want to move over and it just ended up fracturing a already delicate community. My second was not coordinating with Admin better when he came back. Probably could have done a bit more to help things out after Per-Scan vanished.

Well, thats pretty much it. This post doesn't really mean anything (and probably won't be seen by any of the intended audience), its just kinda my final thoughts on how things where at the time. I'll probably still keep an eye out here, see if this forgotten place might still have life in it.

Cheers Everyone Smile
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